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As Christians, it is our calling to be faithful to Christ and obedient to the Great Commission. Our hearts' desire and prayer to God is that, through our efforts, all over the world many would receive and rest upon Christ alone as He is offered to them in the gospel.

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Evagelical Presbyterian Church

World Outreach

World Outreach (WO) is the mission sending agency of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Our principal calling is to glorify God by starting disciple-making movements among least-reached people groups, especially among Muslims. In these hard places we generally work in one of three ways...

International Theological Education Network (ITEN) 

International Theological Education Network (ITEN) focuses on theological education and leadership training for nationals. Simply put, the purpose of ITEN is to develop teachers among unreached peoples who will develop teachers among other unreached peoples. ITEN works in tandem with World Outreach church-planting efforts among unreached people groups, particularly Muslims.

Engage 2025 

Each EPC presbytery¹ launching a disciple-making movement²
among an unengaged³ Muslim people group by 2025.

The EPC’s vision for Engage 2025 is comprised of three aspects:

  1. Thoroughly evangelical: proclaiming the good news of life in Jesus;
  2. Specifically Presbyterian: through the power of churches linked by faith and geography (a presbytery!); and
  3. Desperately urgent: among people who have no intentional, witnessing Jesus-followers active among them.

Caminul Felix

With two family villages in western Romania, Caminul Felix has been nurturing the physical, spiritual, emotional and socio-economic needs of the orphaned and abandoned children of Romania since 1990. It is a Christian organization with ties in Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States. The organization relies heavily on private and corporate financial support and sustains an extensive network of international volunteers. 

Action Felix

Action Felix is a foundation centered on creating and managing resources for children in Romania. Action Felix focuses on developing a self-sustaining business model to support the mission and needs of Caminul Felix children. Action Felix pursues its mission by managing a portfolio of integrated businesses while providing practical training and hands-on opportunities. Starting from basic skills in different departments, we try to teach the kids critical thinking and skills that will help them over in life.

Edgington EPC


Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Emergency Relief

The EPC’s National Leadership Team authorizes emergency relief offerings as needs arise within the United States and worldwide.

Edgington EPC



YouthHope, a ministry, of Christian Friendliness, shares the hope of Jesus Christ by focusing on children and youth activities for the low–income families in the Quad Cities, through Community Outreach, Youth Center Programs and Camp Summit.

YouthHope Creative Arts Center

Creative Arts has a powerful impact on our lives every day. The arts transform how we think, feel, move and enjoy our lives on this earth created by the Great Creator! Our new Creative Arts Center will introduce kids and teens to our Creator as they explore, experience and express their passions and God-given abilities through the arts!!

Our first programs in the Creative Arts Center will include: Culinary Arts, Dance, Music, Videography, Photography, and Fine Arts.Our new Creative Arts area will be located at our Moline Center. It will have a commercial kitchen, a dance and performing arts area, and a fine arts room for creative expression.

We believe this new center will impact hundreds of youth as they express themselves through the arts!

Pregnancy Resources


The mission of Pregnancy Resources is to provide life-affirming biblically-based resources to encourage informed decisions regarding pregnancy and biblical sexual purity.

Their Vision: Unplanned pregnancies and abortions will decrease as Pregnancy Resources impacts our community with biblically-based services.

Rockridge Community Food Pantry

The Rockridge Community Food Pantry serves anyone in need in the Rockridge community. We hold three large food pantry distributions each year - one in the spring before Easter, one in the fall before Thanksgiving, and one in the winter before Christmas. We also help those in need throughout the year, as we receive requests or become aware of needs.