Edgington EPC


Edgington EPC


Annual Congregational Potluck & Meeting 

Sunday, January 19th, Potluck - 11:30am, Business Meeting - 12:30pm

If you are a member of Edgington EPC, you are strongly encouraged to attend our annual meeting. If you have been attending Edgington EPC, not yet a member, but would like to learn more about who we are, what we do, where we invest the financial treasure that God so richly blesses us with, the ministries we support, and a whole host of other information, this meeting is for you!

Immediately following the worship service this morning, a potluck will be held in the church basement. Please bring a dish to share. After we have eaten together, we will gather again in the sanctuary to go through the Annual Report and give God all the glory for what He has allowed us to be a part of for His Kingdom work.

We look forward to gathering with you!

28th Stated Meeting of the Rivers & Lakes Presbytery

Friday, January 24th - Saturday, January 25th

Come January 2020, we will be hosting the Rivers & Lakes 28th Stated Meeting! We had a wonderful time and turnout when we hosted in 2016, and we are very much looking forward to receiving all of the Teaching and Ruling Elders from our region into our church home. We can also look foward to several missionaries joining us, and EPC WO is hosting their own conference in conjunction with the Stated Meeting. We hope to have a full house with much business, fellowship, and worship taking place!


We are praying for safe travel weather and that all will go smoothly for everyone attending and volunteering. With that in mind we will be needing volunteers! Please contact the church office, 309-795-1713, if you could assist on either day, at anytime. We will need a variety of people throughout both days covering a variety of needs.

If you are a TE or RE from within the R&L Presbytery reading this, I have attached the advance letter that was sent out by our clerk mid-November, in case you missed it. 

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